For the past ten years I’ve been working and traveling the country as a television reporter and host covering motorsports. The NASCAR sanctioned racing series specifically are my forté. As cliche as it sounds, it was my dream job since I was a young teenager to work in television with racing. For me, it is still surreal to believe what began as a distant career hope in my early college days, actually came to fruition in the ‘real world.’ Fast forward to now, and I’ve been traveling the country for FOX Sports for the last eight seasons as part of their NASCAR broadcast team covering some of the most exciting and impressive athletes in the world. Racing is a unique sport in many ways, those who are involved in it, refer to the lifestyle fondly as a traveling circus that often operates as a giant family unit.

In 2017, my husband and I, learned we were starting a family of our own. That life change is what first motivated me to start this blog. I was on the fence about divulging certain aspects of my personal life, but I believe my story can help other people. I’ve run across a plethora of ‘mom blogs’ in the social media landscape, but very few of them are written by working moms. And being a mother and holding down a demanding, albeit, rewarding career is a complicated dynamic. Also factor in traveling for 38 weekends of the year, and you certainly have your work cut out for you. My husband is also part of the NASCAR circuit working as a car chief for one of the top Cup teams in the garage, so we have an incredibly busy lifestyle. But it was a shared love of the sport and similar career aspirations that first drew me to Blake from the beginning.

With this site I hope to offer content for similar family units, while also giving followers a behind-the-scenes look into life on the traveling racing circuit as a television reporter. Send me a note at contact@kaitlynvincie.com with content on what you would like to see and I’ll try to make it happen.