Home Decor: Furniture Row 2.0

We moved into our home nearly two years ago, but I have discovered it’s been a very slow process getting our house to ‘come together.’ Thankfully, for Furniture Row and their staff, they have played a huge role in helping our house finally start feeling like a ‘home.’

One of the areas of the home that is particularly important around this time of year, is of course the dining room…for the holidays. That was a room in our house that was desperately in need of a makeover, stat. Outdated light fixtures, boring white walls, and only a table in the center of the room made for a very uninviting place to gather ’round.

Insert a visit to Furniture Row, that paid some big dividends in livening up the place. The table and chairs in our dining area we had always had from a consignment store, but we were able to add some bigger pieces and decorative items that immediately made our room feel cozier, welcoming and the room became more of a focal point to the kitchen/dining area.

Of course while we were at Furniture Row, we had to pay visit to an ‘old-friend…’

For those who may not recall, my husband was the former car chief of the #78 car at Furniture Row Racing that won the Championship with Martin Truex Jr. in 2017. We will always be grateful for those memories, and the relationships we share with the people at Furniture Row in Denver, Colorado. Once we had our sentimental moment with the #78 car…my daughter and I began our search to improve the house. First up, I needed a server that would stand roughly 37 inches tall to place on the main wall of the dining area. After sorting through dozens of options, I settled on the Avondale Server, which was the perfect size, color and style to mesh with our dining and adjacent kitchen area. This server has a farmhouse feel with a sliding ‘barn door’ to wine storage (I need all the wine storage!) with dark oak wood, and an antique brass/gunmetal finish. I absolutely love the way this piece turned out in our home.

After finding the server, I wanted some new decorative items to really compliment the existing colors in the room (rug, mirror) and bring some pop of vibrancy to the table. I settled on a beautiful artificial floral arrangement, burgundy peonies in a glass setting that offered the perfect balance of color and structure to the table. I paired them with one of the Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines trays with metal handles. Anytime I can find Magnolia’s line, I always end up buying something! And Furniture Row has a huge selection of their furniture and decor.

Burgundy Peonies + Magnolia Home tray
Finished dining look — a much needed improvement!

As always, the process to purchase and receive my items was very simple. Delivery of the server took place only two days later, and the rest of the items I brought home with me upon purchase. A lot of times when buying furniture, I will look online first at things I may want, which makes it easier once I arrive at the store. The sales associates can easily look up the images I’ve saved and allow me to check everything over with the furniture pieces in person. I am so pleased with how our new and improved dining area turned out thanks to Furniture Row. Now, I just need to learn to cook so that I can give the full holiday experience to my guests….send help!