Baby Items That Make Life Easier

I just looked through some of my old posts for, and it has been a hot minute since I’ve put a blog out there. I blame an (overly) busy life on that one — and racing. When in doubt, blame racing. But as the months have clicked by, my husband and I have become very aware of some simple baby items that have made our lives about 100 times easier when it comes to Kadence. So, for future parents or current ones — I figured I would share some of these findings. All the items are linked for you to purchase your own, should you feel so inclined.

The Baby Merlin Magic Sleep Suit

A sleeping baby is never a bad thing.

This item looks odd at first with your child in it — like an infant NASCAR firesuit. Or like your child is taking a trip to outer space. Or an accentuated version of the Michelin man. But this sleep suit has been a huge game-changer for Kadence’s sleeping routine. One of my co-workers introduced me to the sleep suit, and I can’t thank him enough for bringing it to my attention! Babies often frequently wake themselves up at night, startle in their sleep, and in general can be difficult sleepers. Enter: The Baby Merlin Magic Sleep Suit. This suit was created by a Mom of four who was a pediatric physical therapist, and ‘magic’ is a great term to describe it. This suit is a swaddle transition product that gives babies a ‘cozy and secure feeling that helps muffle reflexive startles’ to aid in sleeping. You can read about all the benefits of this item on the product description, and it is recommended that your baby start using it at approximately 3 months of age — which is the age we introduced it to Kadence, and it made a world of difference. She still sleeps in the Merlin at a little over seven months of age, and (typically) always sleeps soundly through the night. (Click here for your own)

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Looks like an infant Espresso machine.

Consider the Baby Brezza a milkshake maker for your kid. When mixing formula, this is the way to go at your home. The Brezza allows you to preset the amount (oz) you want per bottle, and mixes your powdered formula and water up for you at the ideal temperature for your baby. No need to ‘warm’ the bottle. Maybe I am a lazy parent, but the convenience of this formula mixer had me sold from the first day I used it. It can actually be very tricky to try and mix a bottle, and hold a screaming kid at the same time…this eliminates all that hassle. It’s on the pricier side — but totally worth it. You will mix a zillion bottles before it’s all said and done, and the Baby Brezza just helps make that step a lot easier. (Click here for your own)

Baby Wipes

You can never have enough of these…

I know, wipes may seem like a no brainer. But this might be the most utilized baby product we own, and the most underrated. Since having Kadence, I find myself using wipes for a variety of things. All the obvious needs are at the top of the list: diaper changes, runny noses, cleaning her shirts after particularly messy occurrences with baby food. But then there are all the other great things wipes can be used for…random spots on the carpet, cleaning the interior of your car spur of the moment, wine on the shirt, makeup on sunglasses. And when you have a package of wipes in nearly every room of the house — you realize just how useful this simple invention actually is. Buy them in bulk. (Click here for your own)

Tommee Tippee Bottle Sterilizer 

There are a lot of germs out there…even in the home. And this invention makes keeping your child’s bottles clean so much easier. I use this sterilizer religiously, and this electric steam sterilizer gets bottles clean in a five minute cycle. You can also fit up to five bottles inside, that will stay clean up to 24 hours with the lid closed. Again, maybe I am lazy in not wanting to disinfect all this stuff myself, but this just seems so much easier for parents on the go who are balancing a lot on their plate. The convenience factor ranks right up there with the rest of the items on this list. (Click here for your own)

Fisher-Price Kick ’n Play Piano Gym

This was one of Kadence’s first toys she learned to interact with and it provided countless hours of entertainment. This playmat plays music, has toys attached, and a mirror that children seem to love to stare in. This mat is designed to evolve through the ages as well, so it’s useful beyond the infancy stage with interchangeable options and ‘play modes.’ The piano portion includes short-play music and long-play, which has up to 15 minutes of continuous music. You will know all the songs by Day 2, believe me. Sadly, I think I hear those melodies in my sleep. Regardless, it was a great first toy option for Kadence, and still proves to be so today at seven months of age. (Click here for your own)